Day 2: Prospecting for Clients With a Service Mindset

Dan Duran

Day 2: Animal Flow: maximise your training with movement practice

Mike Fitch

Day 2: Low Carb vs High Carb

Cliff Harvey

Day 2: Stress and How it Reflects in Your Tissues

Ian O'Dwyer

Day 2: Purposeful Programming for the Correct Adaptation

Andrew Chaddy Chadwick

Day 2: Killer Kettlebell Movements & Programming

Michael Cunico

Day 2: The 2020 playbook for generating leads through social media

Lynsey Fraser

Day 2: Little Known Ways to Assess Clients Online - FAST!

James Breese

Day 2: Understanding Fascia and its Influence on Movement

Claire Norgate

Day 2: The Evolution of Exercise Services Post COVID-19

Michael Cunico