session notes

Day 1: Expand Your Membership Base and Clientele by Meeting the Needs of People with Obesity

Dr. Amy Bantham & Dr. Rachele Pojednic

Day 1: Type 2 Diabetes: Understanding the Supportive and Interventional Role of the Fitness Professional

Dr. Rick Richey (USA)

Day 1: Preventing and Reversing Cognitive Decline

Dr. Chris Chappel

Day 1: Fitness for Every Body – Disability Inclusion Principles for the Fitness Industry

Tommy Trout

Day 2: Muscle Up for Mental Health: Exercise as therapy for mental illness

Assoc. Prof. Simon Rosenbaum

Day 2: Happy Meals: The New Science of Nutrition & Mental Health

Kristen Beck

Day 3: Leveraging & Harnessing Data to Your Business Advantage

Dr. Steve Leven

Day 3: Industry insights: Customer & Consumer Trends

Hema Prakash

Day 3: Make your data and technology work for you to get more Australians more active, more often

James Ellender

Day 3: Phygital: How do we digitalise on-site and monetise off-site

Darren Elkin & Brett Turner